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Difene 75 mg cost ireland. I have been very Order wellbutrin from canada good all day, happy after taking this 2 days ago, even a mild headache. Now I'm feeling great, and my anxiety. Miguel (Mexico) I just started taking it, and i feel the real effects today after some days of using. I have also taken 2mg before going to work and i feel the best have no more headaches. It is nice to take this without drinking coffee. I just felt that it will make your brain strong and more alert when taking it and i'm ready to work or i would not take more. It makes me feel like i'm ready to work. It is very good and i will buy the larger sizes in future. Kathryn (Mexico) I started with the 15mg tablet and i have to say am amazed with its effects. I feel it in the first 15 minutes, and its effects are incredible, i feel my head clears and i am not stressed anymore. Kathryn I was on the 30mg pill (the generic brand) and had very bad headaches for a few weeks, and now i am still having headaches. The 30mg makes them worse. I also have a very weak stomach, so i don't think the 30mg will have much effect on me except for the nausea and stomach pain. I don't know what's in the 30mg, but there must be something in it that is working. But the 30mg so expensive. I'm going back to using the generic brand - that gives a good headache relief, but it is cheaper and easier to do. Sara (UK) I've started taking Difencon 3mg capsules in January, but I had a bit of nasty stomach